Valedictorian Art Exhibit (class of 2006.) - University of Arts, Belgrade 

"The illusion persists. There is something more real in the illusion than in the reality behind it." - Slavoj Žižek

This is not the first exhibition of Vladan Sibinović’s visual signature at the Faculty of Fine Arts gallery. The petite, yet brave lines generate anthropomorphic forms and become clearer in watercolor, where the gentle dripping of color adds a finishing touch to the artist’s hand-flow through the vast landscapes of the body. At first, he used black-lead to gently caress the skin on her arms, knees and elbows; then, he washed her in azure and let the extra color drip like a desire. He used gold to mark the nodes on the body and beget its anatomic structure; the pigment thus becomes thicker, the structure becomes tougher, yet the desire is even more sparkling.

But now, this desire gets calmed by the cold palette of metaphysical landscapes, painted by Milica Lazarević. For the first time at the FFA gallery, we have a chance to witness Milica’s childhood landscapes (we all carry memories of childhood with us), forever forgotten and ever-present as a reaction to an environment which is changing faster and faster. Insouciance and security is violated by cold colors, vibrant details, lustful glances and movements of figures. These are not fictional spheres of sensibility like the ones we find in fairy tales: the lines are not playful, color is reduced; the fragility of figures is dramatic, intimate and longing.

Jelena Spaić