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Using a diaristic angle, my most recent series of work includes small scale paintings which explore and chronicle my psychological journey in moving from my homeland, Serbia, to America. The effects of this relocation are essentially linked to the central theme of my work, which revolves around the understanding of stuttering, concerning its complexities and adaptive challenges.

Stuttering is generally recognized by its difference and interruptions in flow of speech, and the repetition of sounds, syllables, or words. The cause of stuttering is still not understood, but it is known to have emotional and situational triggers, and to be neurological and physiological -- not psychological -- in nature.

Considering this theory as incomplete and unilateral, I add a spiritual component to it. I find it impossible to perceive a person as an entirety, while ignoring the psyche of their rich inwardness. I am dealing with the problematic through a psychological approach by attempting to find an answer to the disharmony of speech and the impossibility of controlling expression, lying perhaps in some insufficiently explored areas of a man, such as personal or collective unconscious.

Digging deeper under the tangible surface arise the questions such as how much a person can actually influence his or her nature, both physical and spiritual (changing or accepting), and where our limits of knowledge are.