Inclusive Disjunction


Tuesday, July 25, 2017

SLEEP CENTER 9 Monroe Street, New York, NY, 10002 United States

Artists: Marija Markovic, Nikola Nikoletic, Vladan Sibinovic, Mensur Bojda and Lazar Milanovic.

Inclusive Disjunction, brings together five artists who had once been classmates at the Belgrade Fine Arts Academy, but had since gone their separate ways. Having all independently arrived in New York City over the years for various reasons, they are now reunited in an exhibition that reflects on home, migration, and identity.

The title of the exhibition refers to an operation in Logic. It normally takes two inputs, whereby the statement is false when both inputs are false, otherwise it is true. Put in another way, as long as one of its statements is true, then the whole statement is true. A similar operation is at work when each of the artists speak about their experience moving from Serbia to New York City. They not only have to adapt to the language and customs, but also reexamine and recontextualize their own works within a new discourse. Despite this, their identity as an artist remains true, even if one of the variables, or city, no longer is home.

Formulated in Logic as:

p: Serbia
q: NYC

p v q = T
!p v q = T
p v !q = T
!p v !q = F


Exhibition photos: