In search of lost time

Moments from the past, places, friends or lovers at whom we left our mark, pieces of our being, make the great part of what shapes our impressions. And the reality in fact is the manifestation of these impressions, of what we can find in our souls, that over the time we accept as the truth.

Maybe repetition of these memories and succession of past and present are what makes the balance between the longing for eternity and losing oneself in idleness. By keeping these moments we try to postpone our own transiency through the sense of oneness with others, and by doing this we make this wholeness immortal.

  • Photo paper, plexiglass. Camera Nikon D90 and Projector Philips PicoPix.

White water


The painting represent water filled with void, clarity and spatial presence that breathes, promises momentary peace. Below the surface water is deep, sleeping and heavy but the surface is white, light and pure. Artist tried to make ambience where observer can feel relaxed, the sense of oneness with nature and to provide scope for endless playtime. It is there that archetypal memories emerge and attract us towards the primordial… offer a corner of the Universe for all those still willing to dream.

  • Oil on canvas, 160 x 100 cm.

The process of painting White water:


Water with two sides

The painting represent water with two sides and two Suns. The main theme that Artist explores in this artwork is dualism, the idea that you can't understand what you're looking at unless you know or try to perceive its opposite. For example: life and death, light and dark, stressed and calm, loud and quiet, etc. Every truth has two faces.

  • Acrylic on plexiglass, 78 x 45 cm. Painted on two sides and both of them are visible because the plexiglass is transparent.