"The Archiving of Belgrade" Dom omladine Belgrade 

Dom omladine Belgrade hereby invites you to attend the opening ceremony for an exhibition
"The Archiving of Belgrade" - Vladan Sibinović.

Time: Tuesday, March 18th, 2014. at 19:00 o’clock
Address: Makedonska 22, Belgrade.



“The Archiving of Belgrade” comes in the form of a cycle of photographs representing objects which have had the unique role during the creation of architectural and town-planning sequences of Serbia’s capital. Such objects are unique and enriched with personal and important histories, and still they have been abandoned for a series of reasons, left to decay and vanishing.

A social criticism, which has served as the starting point for photographing these cultural artifacts during the process of creational search has obtained an utterly new shape. Being surrounded by the civilization waste, with something which the society itself has created only to neglect at some point in time later on, it has led me to a certain sense of tranquility. The scenes I have experienced being in such places clearly testify about all the technological progress that has been burdening a man and hard times and all the accompanying complexities are growing stronger and stronger year in, year out. Surrounded by numerous pieces of information and deafening sounds of the world around me, all of a sudden I have stepped into silence. I have found myself within the space where time is standing still, where dead industrial products come to life again while playing with the absolute and the infinite.

The apocalyptic scenes I have been passing through are in fact a picture of a man’s conscience followed by its responsibility and duties. They can be viewed as a warning, a punishment or a hope of a potential change.

Exhibiton photos: