Imaginary landscape 

‘Imaginary landscapes’ is a series of watercolor drawings combined with gold metal leaf (schlagmetal). These artworks represent an (artist’s) escape from city noise and fast-paced life of modern man to a world of imagination, landscapes filled with void, clarity and spatial presence that breathes, promises momentary peace.

Such places do not guarantee happiness, but offer a possibility to reach it. Free from the influence of outer world, material boundaries and time limits, they provide us with scope for endless playtime. It is there that archetypal memories emerge and attract us towards the primordial… offer a corner of the Universe for all those still willing to dream, while memories and imagination create fictional beings and shapes with various meanings.

‘Reveries even have a privilege of self-evaluation. A reverie enjoys its own Self in an immediate manner. Places where a reverie was experienced recur in a new reverie on their own.’* – Imagination does reach unsuspected depths and therein lies a moment of freedom.

*Bašlar, Gaston, Poetika prostora (prev. Frida Filipović), Alef Gradac, Beograd, 2005, 30.